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My Music Resource: Helping Music Teachers Around The World

The Coronavirus pandemic has compelled many of us, as music teachers, to embrace modern information technology. Adapting to new ways of working online has been a steep learning curve as we strive to make the best choices for both ourselves and our pupils.

To a large extent, modern information technology has placed us in a fortunate position. At the click of a button, we have unlimited access to advice, knowledge and teaching materials. We can search for whatever we want, whenever we want it. We can access advice from experts. Social networks enable us to connect with other music teachers and share ideas. Online reviews help us to make informed decisions about which resources to use in our lessons.

However, accessibility to so much information presents its own challenges. Information overload sets in and we become increasingly uncertain where to focus our attention. Whilst the web offers an abundance of choice, we still need to make the right choices to engage and motivate our students to learn new concepts and skills.

During the pandemic, music educators have had to seek out teaching materials that work well in both online and face to face lessons; resources that can be screen shared or printed, annotated and legally shared with our students.

To address some of challenges above, was launched in October 2020.

What is My Music Resource?

How does My Music Resource work?

  1. Music Teachers create quality resources.
  2. My Music Resource provides a platform to share these resources.
  3. Music teachers purchase or download resources to inspire their students.

How can My Music Resource help me?

The idea for My Music Resource was born out of a strong desire to help music teachers by:

  • Providing an accessible e-commerce website full of high quality, educational resources for instrumental lessons.
  • Supplying music resources in pdf format that can be screen shared and annotated online as well as printed out for face-to-face lessons.
  • Granting a studio licence for all downloaded resources.
  • Using music specific search criteria such as instrument, teaching focus (rhythm, note reading, technique etc) and level.
  • Enabling music teachers to become Creators and sell or share for free their own resources, with monthly royalties paid on any sales made.

My Music Resource has gone from strength to strength over the past year and there are now hundreds of music teaching products on the site from a variety of music educators. These range from original compositions to worksheets, games, flashcards and progress trackers.

The benefits of a studio licence

The studio licence granted on all resources sold through My Music Resource means that music teachers can share resources that they download with any students that they teach for their private study. If, like some music teachers, you charge an annual resources fee to parents to cover the cost of studio licenced material, or recharge the cost of labour and printing, you are not left out of pocket and you can legally copy and redistribute materials to share with your own students.

Becoming a My Music Resource Creator

There are many benefits to sharing your teaching materials through My Music Resource:

  • No joining or monthly subscription fee.
  • Monthly royalty payments on sales.
  • Develop a reputation for creating high quality, educational music resources.
  • Share your knowledge and help other music teachers Worldwide.
  • Save time and money by not having to create your own website.
  • Protect your copyright with our watermarks and front sheets.
  • Advertise your business.
  • Be part of our Creator Community.
  • Access support, tips and advice.

If this is of interest, just go to > Become a Creator and watch the short video detailing the three easy steps you can take to get started as a Creator. We’d love to have you on board!


“I love making resources for my students and My Music Resource is the perfect place to sell them. It is easy to list items, the guidance is thorough and Ruth is extremely helpful.”

Kate (Creator)

“I’ve been looking for a ‘go to’ for music teaching resource for some time. I find My Music Resource is just that! It’s easy to use and you can home in on exactly what resource you are looking for from a variety of contributors.”

Rebecca (Customer)

 “Having used a couple of different platforms, I’ve found My Music Resource offers Creators accessibility, flexibility and full control over your digital resources.”

Alison (Creator)




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