Content Guidelines

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Content Guidelines

My Music Resource is an online platform where music teachers and / or other music education professionals and organisations can share their digital music resources.  We expect these resources to be music related, original and high quality. You can post a wide variety of digital resources, including:

  • Games
  • Lesson Plans
  • Printables
  • Sheet music
  • Worksheets
  • Workbooks

The guidelines below will help you to assess whether your resources are appropriate to post on My Music Resource.

Appropriate Content

Materials uploaded to My Music Resource must be appropriate for the intended target audience and respectful to the My Music Resource community. Content posted, either intentionally or unintentionally, that is inappropriate or offensive will be removed from the site at our discretion.

Content that is found to be unlawful, libellous, inappropriate, pornographic, insulting, slanderous, threatening, racist or sexist will be removed from My Music Resource.  Users who create such material will be banned.

Content that you believe is inappropriate or offensive should be reported using the report content button on the website.

Original resources

You must only post resources that are your original authorship; you must only upload original resources that you have created yourself and any material included in the resource must be your own or correctly licensed. It is vital that you have permission to use everything that appears in your resource. 

For more information on copyright, please refer to the Help documentation on Copyright and Licensing.

Any content that is found to infringe copyright will be removed.

Educational Content

My Music Resource is platform to sell / share high quality educational music resources. Any information included posted to My Music Resource should have a clear educational value and be factually correct.

Duplicate Listings

You can only list a resource once on My Music Resource. If you have co-created a resource with another Creator, you will need to decide amongst yourselves which store to post it in.

Splitting Resources

Please do not split your resources and upload separately if they do not make sense on their own.

Links to Third Party Websites

You can only include a link to a third-party website within the resource files if the link:

  • Does not require a login; customers should not be required to give personal information, such as their email address, to a third-party hosting site in order to gain access to their digital resources.
  • Is directly relevant to the context of the resource.
  • Is not directly linking to another sales channel, such as an online retailer or e-commerce site.

Consistent Price

You are welcome to post your resources elsewhere in with other online retailers and marketplaces, but it is important that My Music Resource customers are not being charged a higher price or paying for a resource that is available for free elsewhere.


We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have, just drop us a line at

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