How can I report a comment on a resource that I feel is inappropriate?

Reviews which are considered to fall into the following categories will be removed by My Music Resource.

  • Reviews that are abusive, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, obscene, invade privacy or are racially, ethnically or otherwise discriminatory.
  • Reviews by people considered to have a close personal relationship with the resource creator.
  • Reviews that makes false claims contradicting the factual information supplied in the product description.
  • Negative reviews by sellers on a competitor’s product.
  • Multiple negative reviews for a product by the same customer.
  • Where there is a direct or indirect financial interest in the resource.
  • By the product creator in the guise of an unbiased shopper.
  • Reviews in exchange for financial reward.
  • Where a customer is unable to access a resource due to technical error.

To report a review, please email us at including details of the review and why you deem the content to be inappropriate.

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