How can I see my sales statistics?

When you are approved as a creator on My Music Resource, you can access your sales reports via your creator dashboard.

Logging in to your creator dashboard

Go to the Account Login Page and enter your user name and password.

Click on the creator dashboard button and it will take you to your store.

On the Dashboard screen, you can see a summary of your net sales this month, any commission paid and your top selling product. All products sold on My Music Resource are digital downloads. There is no physical stock so the “low in stock” and “out of stock” should be zero.

Viewing sales graphs

Click on reports from the left hand side menu, and you will be shown a sales graph and several ways to drill down on your sales data. You can view a graph of your sales by date or sales by product via the tabs at the top of the page.

Graph of your sales by date

Light blue line = gross sales (before any discounts)

Dark blue line = net sales (after any discounts)

Dark grey line = average daily sales

Mid grey line = number of orders placed

Light grey line = number of items purchased

Green line = shipping costs charged (not applicable for digital downloads)

Pink line = commission earnt

Hovering over a point on the graph will give you the exact figure.

Graph of your sales by product

If you wish to see your sales by product, select this tab at the top of the page and you are given the option to select any product in your store and analyse the sales data.

Both charts give you the option to drill down by year, last month, this month, last 7 days and custom date settings.

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