Blackbird Early Years Music – Resource Pack 1


A comprehensive term’s activities, including 10 lesson plans, original songs, vibrant illustrations and MP3 tracks, teaching the basics of music to 3-7 year olds. For use in any class size.

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Our brand new music resources are designed for anyone looking to incorporate more musicianship activities into lessons, set up musicianship classes for children not yet ready to start an instrument, or simply spark a child’s musical imagination. The original activities and songs are aimed at children, aged 3-7.

Music Pack #1 includes…

  • 10 varied, exciting and fun lesson plans (approx 30 mins each). Each lesson corresponds to the Early Years Foundation Stage, fostering communication, collaboration, literacy, maths and personal, social, emotional and physical development in children, with aims and outcomes clearly laid out.
  • 8 original short songs, with sheet music including both written accompaniments and chord symbols.
  • A suggested listening list.
  • Colourful animal pictures and rhythms.
  • YouTube tutorials.
  • Activity cards.
  • 8x MP3 tracks.
  • Helen’s contact details for further support.




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