Build a Penguin Note Recognition Game – Bass and Treble Clef


A fun winter penguin themed game to use on paper or online, to strengthen note reading in the bass and treble clefs.

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This game (for 1 or more players) supports the learning of note recognition skills in both the bass and treble clef. Use in general music lessons, instrumental lessons, or as an activity for students to use at home. Print and laminate for extra durability, or play online (in a platform that supports screen-sharing and annotation to mark students progress around the game board)


  • Two versions of the game – a deluxe version, and a lower ink-intensive version to reduce the ink required for printing
  • 4 game boards for each version allow the teacher to target the range of pitch used in the game, 2 in the treble clef, 2 in the bass clef
  • Instructions

How to use this game

It’s time to build a penguin…

  • Each player places a token on the board and needs a pencil and piece of paper on which to draw their penguin
  • Players take turns to roll a dice and move their token around the board
  • The player should identify each note they land on, and draw the corresponding part of their penguin
  • The body must be drawn first. The head must be drawn before the eyes and beak
  • The first player to complete their penguin is the winner
  • A single player may play against the clock – set a timer and see how quickly you can complete your penguin

Additional information


Primary School (4-11)


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2)

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Christmas, Winter

Teaching Focus

Note Reading


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