Christmas Musical Terms Guessing Game


A multiplayer Music Theory Game for up to 8 players. Designed to help students remember the meaning of musical terms and symbols.

Sold By: Kate Thompson


Use this multiplayer game to help your students remember musical terms and symbols.

Play as a teacher-student pair, or in as a group game for up to 8 players.

As students describe the words (or symbols) on their cards, gaps in understanding will quickly become apparent!


Before playing

  • Print and cut out the cards. Laminate, if required, for extra durability
  • Divide the group into teams of 2 players
  • Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile, face down on the gameboard
  • Set a timer for 1 minute


How to play as a group

  • The first team: Player A takes a card off the top of the pile without showing it to Player B.  Player A must describe the meaning of word on the card, without saying (or spelling) it
  • Player B should guess the word on the card. When they have correctly guessed, the team keep the card, and Player A takes another card off the pile to describe
  • If Player B cannot correctly guess the word on the card, Player A may place it face down at the bottom of the pile
  • When the minute is over, the next team take their turn
  • When all teams have had a turn, the team with the highest number of correctly guessed cards is the winning team!


How to play as a teacher and pupil

  • Take turns to take a card from the pile, and describe the meaning of the word on the card for the other player to guess
  • See how many cards the players can correctly guess in 1 minute (working together, to guess the musical terms as a team)


Additional information


Primary School (4-11), Secondary School (11-16)


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2)

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Teaching Focus


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