Note Value Recognition Game – Snowman


A note value recognition game, to use online or as a printable resource.

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This resource is designed to consolidate students’ understanding of note values.

Includes 11 pages of increasing complexity.

To play on paper, you will need:

  • A dice
  • 7 tokens per player (counters, coins or small toys etc)
  • A printed game board

To use online

  • Play an online platform that allows screen-sharing and annotation
  • Use a physical or virtual dice
  • Use annotation to mark bars on a screen, instead of physical tokens

Rules of the game:

  • Players take turn to roll a dice
  • All bars on the board contain either 3 or 4 crotchet beats. If a player rolls a 3 or 4 they may place a token on a bar with that number of beats
  • If a player rolls 1, 2, 5 or 6 they cannot place a token on that turn.
  • When all bars are covered with a token, the player with the most tokens on the board is the winner.

Play with students during lessons to see who can place the most tokens on the stars, or students can play at home—how many bars can they cover in 10 rolls of the dice?



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Primary School (4-11), Secondary School (11-16)


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2), Early Intermediate (Grade 3), Intermediate (Grade 4)

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