Note Values Cats and Dogs


A cat-and-dog themed game to reinforce an understanding of note values. Use online or in face-to-face lessons.

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This resource is designed to consolidate the understanding of music note values

  • Use online – with screen-sharing and annotation to connect the matching cats and dogs
  • or in face to face lessons on an electronic device or as a printable resource

Use in instrumental lessons, general music lessons or for students to use at home.

  • 13 pages – each featuring 4 pairs of cats and dogs to match
  • Semibreves (whole notes), dotted minims (dotted half notes), minims (half notes), crotchets (quarter notes), quavers (eighth notes) and semiquavers (sixteenth notes) are used
  • work out how many crotchet beats each balloon is equivalent to, then join it to the matching cat

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