Snowy Gnomes Intervals | Christmas Multiplayer Game


A multiplayer music theory game, to practise recognising intervals on a score.

Includes intervals up to a fifth, in the treble and bass clef.

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Use this snowy gnomes game to practise recognising intervals.  Develop a skill to make sight-reading so much easier!

Perfect for group lessons.

Before you play

  • Print and cut out the Gnome Cards (and laminate for extra durability if required). You may need 2 sets of all the cards for more than 4 players
  • Place the pile of cards face down in the middle of the players
  • Give each player a dice, three coins or tokens, and one Gnome Card


How to play

  • Set a timer for 1 minute
  • Each player rolls their dice
  • If the number on the dice matches an interval on their Gnome Card, the player should place a coin/token on that interval
  • Players should keep rolling the dice, and matching intervals as quickly as they can
  • Once all three intervals on a Gnome Card are covered, the player may keep that card
  • The player should take another card off the card pile and continue rolling the dice and matching intervals
  • The player with the most cards at the end of the minute is the winner!
  • Reshuffle the cards, and play again!


Additional information


Primary School (4-11)


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2)

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Teaching Focus

Note Reading, Sight Reading, Theory

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