Interactive Circle of Fifths and Chord Builder

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This interactive Circle of Fifths helps you to quickly identify primary and secondary chords in any key. It’s ideal for working out great sounding chord progressions and can be used for composition, improvisation and understanding pop music!

Sold By: Ruth Alberici


This interactive Circle of Fifths helps you to quickly identify primary and secondary chords in any key. It is ideal for working out great sounding chord progressions and to help with  composition and improvisation.

The pack includes:

  • Instructions
  • A printable circle of fifths
  • Five colourful covers
  • How to use the circle of fifths to identify primary and secondary chords in any key
  • How to create chord progressions that work
  • How to quickly work out major and minor chords

Just download, print, cut out and assemble.

Paper fasteners to be purchased separately.

Created by Ruth Alberici

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Composition, Harmony, Playing By Ear, Theory


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  1. Mike (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve made my interactive circle of fifths. It was simple to laminate and cut out using a Stanley knife. Now trying the chord sequences and can see how easy it now makes it to compose my own music. Amazing value for money. I would recommend this product for all teachers with creative students.

  2. Katherine Knock (Verified Purchase)

    This a great tool for helping students learn about the relationship between keys. It clearly identifies the primary and secondary chords within a key and encourages students to explore the different keys in a structured way. Its quick and easy to put together and straightforward to use in lessons and I would definitely recommend it.

  3. Katherine Hutchinson (Verified Purchase)

    This is a great resource to aid understanding and use of the circle of 5ths. I found it easy to make with clear instructions. I am currently using it as a way to help my students internalise the circle of 5ths and key relationships. I ask students how many ‘turns’ on the circle they need to do to get to certain keys and then they see if they are correct which they find fun. The circle of 5ths itself could be simply printed and given to help them learn this before using the hands on manipulative. I am looking forward to using the recently added blank chord builder resources to help students with understanding chords and their relationship to keys and each other. A fantastic resource and well worth the very reasonable price.

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