Into the Darkness – A Multi-level Piano Duet


This 4 line dramatic duet can be learnt a line at a time providing short achievable goals. There are 3 versions of the duet included, from beginners to approx. Grade 2. Once each line is learnt you and your pupil will have an exciting duet to play and enjoy!

Sold By: Alison Mathews


‘Into the Darkness’ was written, along with ‘Into the Air’, to be learnt a line at a time and provided short weekly engaging pieces for my students. Once all lines are fluent the student has an exciting and complete duet to play with you! There are 3 versions of this duet at different levels of difficulty designed to suit a variety of students in your studio.

‘Into the Darkness’ focusses on legato playing, with mainly step-wise movement and a wide range of dynamics. Imagine a soundtrack to a scene in a mystery or create your own dramatic storyline! All levels are in a five finger hand position, with level 3 hands together. The rhythms and dynamics used increase in difficulty across the levels.

Backing tracks at practice and performance speeds for all levels are available on YouTube.



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All Ages


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2), Multi Level

Resource Type

Sheet Music – Single Piece

Teaching Focus

Sight Reading, Duet and Trio Piece(s)




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