Plants Vs Keys: A Half and Whole Step Game


Practice half steps, whole steps, and enharmonics but watch out for plants they may help or hinder!

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Print and cut out gameboards and cards. You may use the individual gameboards or attach them end to end for longer play. Place a pile of plant cards face down and the pile of keyboard cards face down. Give each player a gameboard and a game piece. On you turn pick up a keyboard card and move the amount of whole or half steps indicated on the card. If you get an enharmonic card you don’t move. If you land on a plant, pick up a plant card and follow the instructions on the card. There are two dead plant cards in the deck that send you back an octave. You can leave one or both or none in the deck. First to the end of their keyboard wins!

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Adult, All Ages, Early Years, Primary School (4-11), Secondary School (11-16)


Pre Instrumental, Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2), Early Intermediate (Grade 3), Intermediate (Grade 4), Late Intermediate (Grade 5 / 6), Early Advanced (Grade 7), Advanced (Grade 7 / 8), Multi Level

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Keyboard Geography, Knowledge of Instrument, Theory


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