Plum Blossom by Alison Mathews


This mixed level duet is based on an ancient and haunting Chinese flute melody dedicated to the beautiful plum blossom. It makes for a lovely addition to the seasonal repertoire! The primo part is approximately at a grade 1 level and the secondo a grade 3-4 level. Included in the download are minus-one practice tracks for each part.


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This duet is based on an ancient Chinese flute melody, dedicated to the hardy plum blossom which blooms and dances in the wind and snow of even the most severe winter. The melody is taken by the primo, played in octaves. It is taken from a collection of 10 seasonal duets, ‘Capturing the Winter Feeling‘ which is available as hard copies from all Amazon sites.

The duet is an arrangement from the solo piece by Alison Mathews included in ‘Capturing the Joy of Winter‘, a book for Grades 4-6 pianists, published by Editions Musica Ferrum.




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Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2), Early Intermediate (Grade 3)

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Duet and Trio Piece(s)


Christmas, Winter


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