Rosamund Conrad’s Delightfully Easy Piano Duets: Book. 1


Eight original piano duets for beginners and intermediate players.

To inspire confidence in playing and reading music and to be enjoyed.

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“Simple, but individual and evocative. My pupils have all
sat down, played them and smiled.”

-Music Teacher Magazine

Eight original piano duets in the five finger position for beginners and intermediate players. These duets are perfect for teacher and student, or for playing between friends and family. The beginner will gain confidence from making real music without difficulty. The beginner’s parts can be played with both hands or just one. There are no sharps, flats or difficult rhythms. The intermediate parts have been intentionally kept as simple as possible to make them immediately accessible.

Hear each duet here.

This digital download allows the buyer unlimited printing rights for use within their teaching studio. Hard copies can be purchased for £7.50 from the composer’s website.

Additional information


All Ages


Beginner (Initial), Intermediate (Grade 4)

Resource Type

Sheet Music – Collection of Pieces

Teaching Focus

Note Reading, Rhythm, Sight Reading, Duet and Trio Piece(s)


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