Scenes From a Vampire Movie, by Lona Kozik


Scenes From a Vampire Movie is a set of five pieces that evoke the melancholy, covert scariness and real mystery of the vampire genre – the castle, the heartbreak of Dracula, the implications of the coming dawn. Based around characters from the composer’s favourite vampire films, it is easy to imagine these pieces as music for films, atmospheric and poignant.
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Scenes From a Vampire Movie is a set of five atmospheric pieces by composer/improviser Lona Kozik. These pieces explore the idea of vampire movies without resorting to the horror cliches so typical of the genre and (often) of its music. The first piece, for example (The Vampire Awakes), is soaked in a sense of foreboding and mystery over a drone which opens out into melodic twists and turns that resolve into a slow, melancholic tune with bags of atmosphere. The pieces are ostensibly simple but all with some technical demands such as passing a melody from hand to hand, a need for very even finger technique, and mastering the art of atmospheric playing.

Click HERE and HERE to LISTEN to excerpts of Scenes From a Vampire Movie.

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