Upside Down


20 pieces

29 pages

Early Elementary. Includes simple 8th note patterns. A few pieces are folk songs with melodies which stay within 2nds and 3rds, however most pieces are newly composed. All pieces have a teacher’s accompaniment included. All are “reading” pieces. The last piece may be taught partially by rote.


Elephant Trunks; Upside Down; Lightly Row; Monsters are Lurking; Mountain Climbing; Playing Soccer; Star Light; Dinosaurs; Yankee Doodle (2 versions); Hush, Little Baby; Hot Dogs and French Fries; Fairy Dust; The Counting Song; Penguin Procession; Hot “Crossed” Buns; Spring Breezes; Minuet; Where Has My Little Dog Gone; Day Dreaming; Pesky Fly.


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An early elementary piano solo collection resource for piano teachers. Includes 20 pieces limited to intervals of only 2nds, 3rds, or repeated notes. Its purpose is to help elementary students who need additional help in reading these early intervals before progressing to more challenging reading. Some pieces have simple rhythms (only quarter notes) so students can focus on interval reading. Others keep the reading simpler (only/primarily 2nds or 3rds) while presenting common eighth-note rhythm patterns to build their rhythmic abilities. Teacher accompaniments are included with each piece.

I teach using Piano Safari, and I will use this book as a supplement to PS, beginning in the later units of PS Level 1 and into the earlier units of PS Level 2.

Here are recordings of six of the pieces with the teacher accompaniment:

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Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2)

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E-book, Sheet Music

Teaching Focus

Performance, Note Reading, Solo Piece(s), Duet and Trio Piece(s)


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