Football Note Reading Around-the-Circle (Alto and Tenor Clef)


A football-themed game to improve students note-reading skills in the alto and tenor clef.

Use online or as a printable game.

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Use this game to improve your students note-reading skills!

Please note this game focusses on the alto and tenor clef.

It is designed to work on paper, or online (with screen-sharing and annotation).

Students will get lots of note-reading practise as they travel around the circle.


  • Instructions
  • 3 pages of alto clef note sets
  • 3 pages of tenor clef note sets


Each page covers a different range of notes.

Use a dice (physical, or virtual) to play.

Move a token around the board, or simply remember which letter you landed on last time.

Additional information


Primary School (4-11)


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1)

Resource Type


Teaching Focus

Note Reading


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