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Building Block Classics

Upside Down

A few years ago I began teaching the Piano Safari curriculum (and love it!). When a few of my students were nearing the end of Level 1, I felt that they had not internalized reading 2nds and 3rds. After a good bit of looking around for a supplementary book that limited itself to just these two intervals, I came up empty. This prompted me to write Upside Down to fill that need.

Building Block Classics

The Building Block series takes standard classical music and breaks the pieces down into smaller learning units that can be given to students one at a time. One version may block an Alberti bass, the next may help the student work out difficult RH passages, etc. Each version builds on the previous one until the entire piece is presented to the student as the composer wrote it.

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    • Upside Down

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    • 20 pieces 29 pages Early Elementary. Includes simple 8th note patterns. A few pieces are folk songs with melodies which stay within 2nds and 3rds, however most pieces are newly composed. All pieces have a teacher's accompaniment included. All are "reading" pieces. The last piece may be taught partially by rote. Titles: Elephant Trunks; Upside Down; Lightly Row; Monsters are…
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