Santa’s Dreams Sound Story


Have lots of Christmas fun exploring the piano and discovering how to make a musical story.

Aimed at 4 to 8 year old beginners.

Enjoy improvising, using pitch, articulation, dynamics, rhythm and much more.

Print off the Sound Story booklet and work though it with the child at your own pace. This activity might cover more than one lesson.

Images shown are only a selection of the pages.


Sold By: Karen Langtree


The aim of this resource is to have lots of fun exploring piano sounds and discovering how to tell stories with music.

By using this resource students will:

  • improvise melodies
  •  clap and match rhythms
  • Explore dynamics
  • Explore pitch
  • Explore articulation
  • Find their way round the piano keyboard with confidence
  • Compose a tune for a song
  • work out a melody for the first line of a well-known Christmas song

Age range 4 to 8


The resource contains 12 printable pages in the form of a booklet for the child to write on and keep.

The resource can be used on its own but is best used in conjunction with the picture book, Santa’s Dreams by Karen Langtree, available from this website or by contacting Karen on Facebook.

Additional information


Primary School (4-11)


Beginner (Initial)

Resource Type

Sound Story, Workbook



Teaching Focus

Keyboard Geography, Rote, Aural, Composition, Improvising, Playing By Ear, Rhythm


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