Race the Music, a Music Theory Board Game, Learn Grade 5 Theory Components whilst having fun

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A game that helps you learn components of Music Theory that are studied at Grade 5 Theory level. Use Intervals to move along the game board, and complete the different challenges along the way. In 1 minute draw as many instruments as you can, act out a Musical Theory Term, try to edge forwards by playing an ornament in 10 seconds, but be careful that you don’t end up edging backwards, ask 20 questions to try to guess which musical instruction you are. Play each component separately or put them all together for a great session of learning and fun.

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Race the Music is an instant download, print at home, board game that has been designed to help learners explore and learn some of the components involved in the grade 5 theory exam. Grow and use your Musical knowledge as you race to the end of the keyboard.

The game can be played as one board game or the individual components can be used as individual mini games if you are short on time, or want to focus on one aspect only.
The components the game explores are Intervals, Musical Theory Terms, Musical Instruments, Ornaments, and Musical Instructions.

Learn to quickly identify Intervals, by using them as the dice of the board game or using the Interval cards to have a mini game race with your instrument.

Learn different Musical Theory Terms in the Act It! component. Act out as many Musical Theory Terms as you can in 1 minute. Or use them in the mini game.

Learn to recognise different musical instruments in the Draw It! component. Draw a many Musical Instruments as you can in 1 minute. Or use them alone in the mini game

Learn Ornaments by playing them out on the keyboard with your counter. Or use them alone in the mini game suggestion.

Learn Musical Instructions by placing a Detect It! Card on your forehead and asking your fellow players up to 20 questions to identify what Instruction you are. Or use the cards alone as a mini game.

Full instructions for all the mini games and the full board game are given.

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Intermediate (Grade 4), Late Intermediate (Grade 5 / 6)

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  1. Laura B. (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried it yet, but looks fun and engaging for intermediate students.

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