Christmas Note Reading Bingo Game


A music theory game for up to 8 players. Designed to help build strong note reading skills. Bass and treble clef.

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Use this multiplayer game to help embed note reading skills.

Play with up to 8 players.

4 sets of cards, with 8 cards in each set.

24 cards in total.


How to play

  1. Cut out the Teacher’s Cards
  2. Laminate the Player Cards for extra durability, if required
  3. Choose a set of Player Cards, and give one to each player (each set contains 8 cards)
  4. Select the Teacher’s Cards at random and call out each note name
  5. Players marks each note name as it is called, if it is on their Player Card. Mark the notes using a pen, or a token.
  6. Players can only mark one note for each Teacher’s Card that is called.
  7. The first player to mark all of the notes on their Player Card is the winner!



  1. For a quicker game, the first player to mark 3 notes in a line is the winner (3 notes in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line)
  2. Sets 2 and 4 can be used together, as both contain notes A, B, C, D, E F and G. This allows the teacher to choose whether each individual player focusses on treble or bass clef.


Additional information


Primary School (4-11)


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2)

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Teaching Focus

Note Reading


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